雅思口语Part2:参观博物馆 Describe a museum that you have visited

Describe a museum that you have visited.
You should say:
when you visited the museum
describe the museum
how you felt after going there
and describe your experience of the visit.
I have visited 5-6 museums in total in different countries and enjoyed visiting the (tell a museum name you know about) in (say the country name). I went to the museum 2 years back while visiting the city. Visiting the museum was not in our tour plan and yet we went there as it was prominently expressing its present in front of us. I went there with my 2 friends and one cousin who were my tour partners. My cousin and one of my friends were not at all interested to roam inside the museum as they had other plans. I insisted them to go there and convinced them by saying that if you do not enjoy it; I would pay for the dinner!


After we bought our tickets, we entered into the museum and the colossal front side of the museum building and the large open garden in front of it mesmerized us. At that time I had a feeling that our time would worth the visit.


After we entered inside the museum, we found that the place is even larger than we initially thought it would be. There were 5 floors in the museum and the inside architecture reminded us the imperial age. We could see the top of the building from the ground floor. People from different age groups and countries were closely observing the museum. Taking photo was prohibited and yet I was sometimes lured to take some hidden snaps especially when I saw the colossal dinosaur fossil and alien ship!


The first floor of the museum had some art from a famous artist of the world and sculptures from a different era. The first floor gave us the impression of visiting a theatre or art gallery rather than a museum. We came to know that some of the arts were so expensive that one can buy an island by selling it! Then we moved to the second floor which was full of Second World War memories. Guns, tanks and other war materials from 1945 WW II had been arranged there. A video was showing some of the fighting scenes of WW II.


When we reached the third floor, it’s been already 2.5 hours. We found all the costumes and traditional things from different parts of the world have been placed here. One can easily learn about the customs of different ages and countries just by visiting this floor. The next floor had more adventure and surprises for us. It has placed all the major inventions of different ages and they were historically famous. I felt overwhelmed seeing the First computer, Speed boat, Wheel, Motor Engine and many more famous invention of history at this floor. I was so much dying to touch the first 4 wheeler that had been placed there.


We had visited the whole museum as much as possible and spent almost the whole day. We were so enthralled to visit the place that we literally forgot to have our lunch. The overall experience was fantastic and I learned so many things in few hours. As soon as I left the place, I planned to revisit it someday.