雅思口语part2:喜欢的野餐地点/休闲场所 Talk about a picnic spot /recreational public spot that you liked

Talk about a picnic spot /recreational public spot that you liked.
You should say:
What’s it and the location
What are the attractive things for the visitors there
Why you liked it
Why people like it and who are the regular visitors there
and explain how does the place or spot influence people.

Picnics are a great way to get outside and socialize with friends. I’m lucky because there are lots of good places near me where people can relax, play, chat and have a picnic if they wish. I can think of one favorite place. I’ll tell you where it is and what it’s like and try and make you understand why it is so appealing to me and lots of other visitors too. I actually think the place has quite an important role in our local community, and maybe you will understand why after my little talk.


The place is Endcliffe Park in Sheffield. It is a city park, by which I mean it is close to urban areas, surrounded by residential streets and local shops. However, the park itself is lovely. It is quite big, about 37 acres, big enough to have streams running through it, patches of woodland, a duck pond, mown areas where people can play ball games and plenty of benches where you can sit and watch the world go by. It’s well maintained by the local council and has other facilities – including loos and a very nice independent café. In the summer months there is often an ice-cream van parked up, and at weekends and bank holidays a local guy puts up a bouncy castle and a miniature children’s carousel for children to play on. There is a small playground with swings and climbing frames, and recently, the council even incorporated a new parkour area. This is a special structure of climbing frames and walls where people can practice the sport of free running in urban areas. It is incredible to watch.

地点是谢菲尔德的Endcliffe Park。这是一个城市公园,我的意思是它靠近市区,被住宅区街道和当地商店包围。然而,公园本身是可爱的。它相当大,大约有37英亩,大到足以让溪流穿过它,片片林地,一个鸭子池塘,人们可以玩球类运动的割草区,还有很多长椅,你可以坐在上面看着世界从你身边走过。它由当地议会很好地维护,还有其他设施——包括厕所和一个非常好的独立咖啡馆。在夏季的几个月里,经常会有一辆冰淇淋车停在路边,在周末和银行假期里,当地的一个人会搭起一座充满活力的城堡和一个小型儿童旋转木马,供孩子们玩耍。有一个小操场,有秋千和攀爬架,最近,议会甚至合并了一个新的跑酷区。这是一种特殊的攀岩框架和墙壁结构,人们可以在城市地区练习自由奔跑的运动。这是难以置信的观看。

I love this park because it is really well used. I’m a great one for people watching. You can head down there with a sandwich, find yourself a bench and sit and watch the world go by. There are always families out feeding the ducks; children on their bikes or scooters; joggers sprinting by; dog-walkers. Sometimes you will see a school party pond-dipping or bravely crossing one of the sets of stepping stones. Often photographers will set up elaborate tripods there to try and get photos of the wildlife – there are lots of squirrels and birds, including a dramatic heron (a large stork like bird) which fishes in the pond, or the colorful tiny kingfishers that favor the running water of the streams. Local fitness instructors run outdoor boot-camps there, so you will see puffing people doing press-ups and looking like they’ve rather regretted signing up for their exercise class that morning! I think you can see why I like it so much and appreciate all the many attractions that are there for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.



In terms of how the spot influences people, I think it just really brings the community together. Everyone who lives locally uses it. If ever I go out for a walk there, as I do quite often, I will always bump into someone I know. People use the café as a base for setting up community campaigns – like saving local trees, or fundraising for charities. It is also a great location for many local events, particularly running ones. Endcliffe Park hosts my local Parkrun (a 5km weekly jog each Saturday morning) as well as being the start of lots of off-road running races that are held throughout the year. Because it is a big open space, it even hosts funfairs, music festivals and circuses – I don’t really like circuses to be honest, but it illustrates the point of how well-used the space is as a venue. On a daily basis, people use the park as a short cut to get to work in the city. It is great to be able to appreciate the trees and changing seasons on a walk to go to the shops or get to the office. This park is one of many that fall within the city boundaries. It is one of the reasons that Sheffield is known as the greenest city in the UK. You should come and visit and find out for yourself.

就地点如何影响人们而言,我认为它只是把社区聚集在一起。每个住在当地的人都使用它。如果我出去散步,就像我经常做的那样,我总会遇到我认识的人。人们把咖啡馆作为发起社区活动的基地——比如拯救当地的树木,或者为慈善机构筹款。它也是许多地方活动的绝佳地点,尤其是跑步活动。Endcliffe Park举办了我当地的Parkrun(每周六上午每周慢跑5公里),也是全年举办的许多越野跑步比赛的起点。因为它是一个很大的开放空间,它甚至会举办游乐场、音乐节和马戏团——老实说,我不太喜欢马戏团,但它说明了这个空间作为一个场所是如何被充分利用的。每天,人们都把公园当作上班的捷径。步行去商店或去办公室时能欣赏到树木和季节的变化真是太好了。这个公园是许多属于城市边界的公园之一。这也是谢菲尔德被称为英国最环保城市的原因之一。你应该来看看,自己去看看。

There are other more remote places you can go to enjoy the countryside and be alone in the heather and the hills. Those are beautiful destinations too. But for me, my local park is just brilliant, it’s practically on my doorstep and a window on the world. I am so lucky to have this picnic and recreation spot nearby, I try never to take it for granted, but always take the time to really look at what surrounds me when I pass through.